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Personalized Custom Made Earrings

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Rose Gold
Platinum Plated
Black Gun Plated

  Stay fancy and stand out with our personalized earrings! 

Be fashionable and stand out wearing this unique and custom made earrings. A perfect accessory for special occasions such as weddings, Bridal Shower, Parties and a lot more. Some also wear this daily.

This rare and precious accessory is made of Stainless Steel and has been manufactured perfectly by our team to be durable and avoid discoloration. It comes along in different and awesome colors - Gold, Platinum, Black Gun Plated and Rose Gold.

Image result for 1 Pair Personalized Custom Name Earrings For Women Customize Initial Cursive Nameplate Stud Earring Gift For Best Friend Girls

These stud earrings are customized and goes through a tedious process to achieve the perfect quality. It goes through graphics design and drawing then off to laser cutting. Once it has been cut, it goes through polishing, cleaning, and plating color. Then, we assemble the chain and goes through our packaging team. Lastly, we process the shipment. Please allow 1 week for the customization and 2 weeks for shipment. 

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