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3-in-1 sweeping robot

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Cleaning your house was never this easy! With the latest 3-in-1 sweeping robot, keep your place clean while relaxing. 


✔️ Durable, one-button start, smart ride, strong suction, quiet and environmentally friendly, lasting battery life
✔️ 6.8cm slim body, easy to cross the bottom
✔️ Nano-absorbent cleaning cloth, absorbent fiber structure, high-efficiency water lock, barbed surface to lock dust
✔️ 1800Pa super suction
✔️ One button to start, convenient and fast
✔️ 55dB ultra quiet
✔️ 1200mAh lithium battery, lasting about 100 minutes, suitable for 150 square meters
✔️ Lengthening brush
✔️ USB charging
✔️ Material: ABS

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