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360° Rotating Seat Cushion

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Having a hard time getting out of your car? Slide off from your car easily with the 360° Rotating Seat Cushion!

This seat cushion features a 360° turning capability, enabling you to twist and turn for transitioning up to standing, or down to sitting positions. It helps decrease hip and back pain as you pivot in your seat to an orientation comfortable for standing.

Made from a textured, non-slip material. The contoured swivel seat base stays securely in place while the comfortable soft cushion freely rotates with your body.

Ideal for seats with a flat surface. Use in the car, in your office or at home. Perfect for the elderly, the disabled, or those recovering from injuries.


  • Provides pressure relief for back and hips while seated
  • Great for those with limited mobility

Exit or enter any seat without straining your back or hips with the 360° Rotating Seat Cushion. Buy yours today!

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