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Adjustable Light

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5X Brighter than regular bulbs. Instantly brighten your garage, basement & more!

Adjustable Light is the perfect replacement for conventional fluorescence bulbs which are dim and unsafe. Designed with 144 high-quality LED diodes to provide powerful lighting in any area.
Engineered with 8000 lumens with powerful and energy-efficient triple LED bulbs that provide the best 360-degree lighting experience for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Each LED head is fully adjustable to focus the light in three directions and illuminate a wide area. Body construction is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability.
Easy to install, no tools are needed! Simply screw into a standard light socket, it's just like screwing in a light bulb.
Ideal for garages, basements, staircases, workshops, utility and recreational areas, offices, warehouses, equipment rooms, work area, outdoor areas, etc.

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