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Alien Inflatable Costume

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No stories of a strange blob consuming members of a small town. No calls of Elliott or random bicycles flying through the sky. No laser eyes or cowlick or capes floating around the planet. Just you in our ALIEN INFLATABLE COSTUME!

That’s the only alien we are concerned about! Well apart from Chewbacca. And any alien from the Cloverfield movies. Wait we do really love the Alien movies… Okay so we care about quite a few aliens but our Pick Me Up™ costume is the best one. Fact.

Here at MorphCostumes, we love us some weird costumes that a lot of people haven't seen before. With our Inflatable T-Rex costume taking over the internet and our Piggyback costume on the rise, we wished to combine the two and create a new range of inflatable costumes - hence the birth of our Pick Me Up™ Costume range!

How the costume works: step into the costume and put the fan on, wait for the costume to inflate (it only takes a minute or so) and boom! Your Inflatable costume is good to go! Just make sure you have some spare batteries for the fan when you're out and about. Just in case, because we do not include batteries with our costume. Sorry!


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