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Anti Blue Ray Glasses for Kids

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Our Anti Blue Ray Glasses for Kids block harmful blue light to help reduce the negative health effects of computer and mobile device screens. Our superior quality lenses filter up to 99% of blue light that can cause digital eye strain, premature eye-aging, and interfere with sleep.

Today children are glued to their electronic devices more than ever before. Unfortunately, constant exposure to blue light emitted by the screens of these devices can have a number of negative side effects on your child’s eyes and vision.

Anti Blue Ray Glasses for Kids are the ultimate solution for protecting your child’s eyes from blue light emitted from digital screens of computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices. While our lenses protect your child’s eyes from damaging blue light day and night, he or she will notice an improvement in eye strain which can reduce headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and problems focusing.

While your child is wearing his or her Anti Blue Ray Glasses for Kids, you can feel confident that the negative effects of long-term exposure to harmful blue light are reduced. We have ergonomically developed our blue light blocking glasses for the most comfortable fit imaginable.


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