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Back Posture Corrector

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Good posture is a vital part of wellness!  If you struggle with poor posture, rounded shoulders, or slouch, our Posture Corrector is a must. It is made to fit comfortably on both female and male physiques. It anchors against your upper back and pulls your shoulders back into alignment relieving stress in your neck. It is extremely helpful for those that are hunched over a desk at work, and is also a great for gamers and even athletes with rounded shoulders due to muscle imbalances.
We are dedicated to producing a quality product. Our Posture Corrector is manufactured with soft yet durable materials to ensure maximum comfort. The padding is also made from breathable material. By pulling on the straps you can adjust the device to fit a chest circumference of 25-48 inches. Our posture corrector helps establish long-term muscle memory, so even after you remove it, your body should remember what correct posture feels like and you will be able to correct yourself whenever you start to slouch.

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