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USB LED Light Mosquito Killer

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Say goodbye to disease-carrying mosquitoes with the USB LED Light Mosquito Killer!

Designed to stop mosquitos by using 365NM to 395NM violet light waves. It lures the mosquitoes in and locks them in the secure anti-escape chamber inside. The eco-friendly built-in fan dries out the mosquitos inside to kill them. It effectively kills bugs, mosquitos, flies, moth and other flying insects within 20 square meters.


Chemical-free and completely safe for pets and humans. Easy to clean with no dead bodies to clean up.

Simply unlock the storage box to discard the contents. Place it under your desk table, beside a sofa, or the corner of the wall. Twice as effective as indoor bug zappers.


  • Silent and chemical-free
  • Kills insects using a dehydration method
  • Simple, hassle-free via the USB charging port
  • Sleek, compact and minimal design

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