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Cracked Glass Repair Kit

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Are you tired of wasting hundreds of dollars and tons of energy in fixing cracks on Cell Phone screens and Car Windshield glasses?

With the NEW Glass Crack Repair Kit, you’ll be able to fix any crack yourself in just minutes!

This Cracked Glass Repair Kit allows you to fix cracks or chips on windshields and mobile phones easily and inexpensively! The Glass Repair Kit includes everything needed for a quality repair. The single-ingredient glass filler simplifies the application process by eliminating the need to mix or heat materials. The glass filler matches the clear optical qualities of glass to create a clear and see-through repair


How to use

 SUPER EASY! - Allows anyone to fix a broken glasses in just minutes!
 SUPER FAST! - Fix it in less than 20 minutes
 AS BRAND NEW -You’ll never know your glass was broken!
 PRACTICAL It’s portable size enables you to take it wherever you go!
 COMPLETE PACK Comes with a repair resin, a repair device, curing strips and a sleeved razor blade

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