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Spinal Alignment Gel Cushion Seat

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Suffering from back and joint pain due to long hours of sitting? Alleviate pain with the Spinal Alignment Gel Cushion Seat.


This gel cushion seat is a soft polymer seat cushion that provides support and comfort on any chair. It features a honeycomb design that absorbs pressure points by collapsing in on itself. Even egg won’t break under pressure.

It works by transforming even the most uncomfortable chair into a supportive and soft seat, cradling your tailbone and giving you a comfortable sitting experience.

Soft, strong and durable. Will retain its original shape even with rugged use.

With the Spinal Alignment Gel Cushion Seat, you will be more comfortable. Long hours of sitting while working and painful car rides will be enjoyable. Perfect for people suffering from back pain, lumbar strain, coccyx, and other conditions.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Absorbs pressure points
  • Honeycomb design keeps cool
  • Made of strong ultra-flex polymer
  • Fits most computer chairs, dinner chairs, and car seats

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