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Eyebrow Shaper

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Hello Perfect Eyebrows!

In a few seconds, you can get the perfect eyebrows without feeling any pain. Yes! No more tweezing or shaving. It's portable and can fit in any purse. Guaranteed safe to use for any skin type with 18k gold plated tip. 4 hours of use in a single charge!


Instead of dealing with the pain of tweezers, plucking, or waxing, romance your eyebrows with our Eyebrow Shaper.


Understanding that eyebrows are one of the most important facial features, our engineers properly took the time to maximize the potential of our epilator. 

Our Eyebrow Shaper uses precision micro-blade technology to remove even the tiniest of hairs on the face and body without any pain or redness, leaving your skin feeling incredibly smooth. 

This discreet and stylish hair remover is a new alternative to waxing, a technique that doesn't irritate your skin. Your new best kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows! Order now and take advantage of the discounted price and you will NOT be disappointed.

5 Reasons To Buy From Us.