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Flexible Pet Molar Bite Toy

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Only the best for our dogs!


Resistant to bite & Play by dog itself
Lasting-value for 3 months at least
Clean teeth & Enhance bite force
No harm to the dog
Protecting household items

Make Dogs More Happy & Healthy - This toy is more flexible, strengthens bite, cleans dog mouth and prevents disease. When you go to work or in private, the dog can play by himself and stay away from loneliness.

Safety TPR Material Designed For Dogs - Each toy is quality tested and consists of safe and environmentally friendly polymer. It will not cause damage to the dog's teeth, face and body. It can eliminate the dog's temper,prevent biting or screaming.

Three Parts For Protection - Suction cup, Polymer material bouncy ball, Polymer safety rope. The three connections produce a powerful suction that can accept a sustained value of at least three months for all weight dogs, whether it is tearing or biting.


Line Length: 35 CM / 13.78 Inch
Ball Diameter: 6.5 CM / 2.56 Inch
Base Diameter: 10 CM / 3.94 Inch


1 x Suction cup
1 x Polymer material bouncy ball
1 x Polymer safety rope

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