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Hands-Free Self-Cleaning Mop with Bucket

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Make your floors squeaky clean without ever getting your hands dirty with the Hands-Free Self-Cleaning Mop with Bucket.

Unlike traditional disposable mops, this home must-have features a self-cleaning technology so you never have to touch a dirty mop head. It easily washes and dries the mop so you don't have to bend over and wring the dirty water out of your smelly mop.

It has a dual chamber bucket - one for washing the mop and one for drying it. The attached lid does all the hands-free cleaning for you while preventing splashes. The 360° swivel head allows you effortlessly clean even those hard to reach areas.

Can be used to clean hardwood floors, tiles, windows, and mirrors.

  • Lightweight and low profile design
  • Easy storage and transport
  • 360° swivel head for hard to reach areas
  • Stainless steel pole and easy grip handle
  • Microfiber mop pads that gently cleans without scratching

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