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Magnetic Reflexology Insoles

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Is chronic back pain and feet discomfort hindering you from doing your daily tasks? You need these Magnetic Reflexology Insoles!

With these unique therapeutic insoles, there's no need to go to expensive therapy sessions to get the benefits of reflexology. It provides comfort and relief in every step you take by combining magnetic therapy, reflexology and centuries-proven acupressure techniques. It alleviates fatigue and chronic back pain and helps in improving blood circulation.

Safe and easy to use. Can be trimmed to fit any style of shoes including work boots, running shoes, sandals, and heels.


  • Safe, chemical-free and natural remedy
  • Stimulates blood flow for proper circulation
  • Natural pain and stress reliever
  • Improves overall health and immune system

Stop enduring body pains. Get natural pain relief with these Magnetic Reflexology Insoles!


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