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MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick

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Halt the aging process with this Multi-functional anti-ageing miracle stick. 
Just one product for application on the neck, chin, cheeks, temples, eyebags, hairline, the ends of your lips and around the eyes.

Gives easy and convenient care for neck wrinkles that are hard to care, using acupressure to give elasticity to your face.
Skin fitting lifting stick provides nutrition and lifting effects using traditional Gua Sha meridian massage methods.
Contains more than 40 kinds of concentrated active ingredients including collagen and peptide properties, leaving skin luminous and supple.
Extensively clinically tested while being cruelty-free to animals.
Oil properties rich in nutrients helps hydrate the skin while infusing vitamins on direct contact. Your skin looks cleaner and brighter in a matter of days.


The Cirmage Lifting Stick comes in a cool heart-shaped design all decked out in a luxurious gold packaging.
The unique curvy shape makes it easy to fit into many different nooks and crannies such as the eyes, the jaw, cheeks, sides of nose, temples, and etc.
It looks classy, exuding a high quality feel while fitting the palm of your hand. 

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