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Paw Print Pad - 2 pcs

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Capture those once in a lifetime moments of your fur baby's prints forever, with this Paw Print Pad. It's easy, clean and mess free! 

Paw Print Pad


Keep your fur baby's prints forever with this Paw Print Pad! It's easy, clean and mess-free! Just place their paws on the print pad firmly, peel off the print and frame them for safe-keeping.


Paw Print Pad


✔️ User Friendly
✔️ Suitable for all Cats & Dogs!
✔️ Ensures that Pet's Paws never touches the ink.
✔️ Clean & Safe for Your Pet.
✔️ Able to preserve for the long haul
✔️ Strong ink absorbency with no smear

Paw Print Pad

Wonderful Keepsake for your precious pet paw prints

Memorialize your pet's paw print forever by Tattoo

Makes the Perfect Gift

Available in 3 colors. Navy BlueRuby Red and Modern Black.


Plus Size Paw Print Pad

Note: The breed examples shown above are approximate guides only, as paw sizes are not consistent within breeds.

The usable area of the Paw Print Pad measures 3.75" H x 2.25" W (9.5cm x 5.7cm).

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