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Premium Fish Finder 2.0

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Fishing was never this easy!

With Premium Fish Finder 2.0, you can catch more fish in less time no matter where you are fishing. Discover the gear that will change the way you fish! Make your fishing mates jealous because you can see what they cannot.

This easy to use fish finder gives you incredibly accurate information about the exact location of fish, depth and bottom contour of water. Enjoy your fishing escapade and reduce stress by never wasting time on fishless spots.

This Fish Finder 2.0 is designed for Boat, Kayak, Pier, Shore and Ice Fishing. It can be used in Ocean, River or Lake and is fantastic for detecting schools of fish in any particular area.

Lightweight, compact, convenient for carry and store.
Floating sonar sensor with waterproof gasket.
With the visual display screen, you can clearly read the depth of the fish.
Intelligent fish alarm design, helpful for fishing.
Adjustable sensitivity settings, the big fish and small fish can be distinguished.


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