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The Doggy Bottle

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Perfect for walks, hikes, play dates, and car rides! With FREE worldwide shipping, you can easily bring your pup along without worrying about her hydration. Leave the messy water bowl behind, grab your Thirsty Pup bottle, and adventure away!


Bottle and bowl in 1: Lighten your load
Small and Large bottles available: Perfect for all size pups
Leak-proof: No spills with the easy-to-use manual lock 
Dishwasher-safe: Easy to clean and reuse 
BPA-freeHave peace of mind that your pup is safe
Durable and reusableHard plastic that won't end up in a landfill

How does it work?

Hold the button to dispense water into the attached cup. When your pup is finished drinking, turn the bottle upright and hold the button to refill the bottle with the water left in the cup. Slide the lock in place, and throw it in your bag for no spills.




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